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This posse is dedicated to all women on a spiritual journey towards transforming their fears back to love. Members of this posse will be guided through the tools featured in Gabrielle's book SPIRIT JUNKIE, a radical road to self-love and miracles.See More
9 hours ago
Stephenie Zamora posted a blog post

Keep Climbing the Wall

Our brains are fun. They create metaphors and visuals to help us understand where we are and what’s happening around us. They make sense of things that make no sense by relating them to things they can already comprehend.I remember the months leading up to July 2015.Which is an ironic statement, because…See More
10 hours ago
Elisa Lionne posted a blog post

How To Be Happy

Hi babes!I talk here often about the fact that our thoughts create our reality. A Course in Miracles reminds us repeatedly that there are no neutral thoughts. Every thought creates form on some level, and the attainment of inner peace goes hand in hand with the attainment of mental discipline. But of course when we're upset or sad it's not enough for someone to tell us tojust think happy thoughts. And that's partly because…See More
15 hours ago
Geraldine posted a blog post

Be True To Yourself

“Be true to the light within & carefully tend it that it may give an ever clearer light.” – Ralph Waldo TrineI have come to learn that the greatest gift you can bestow upon this world is the gift of being your true, authentic self. Unhindered by limitations imposed upon you by man & institutions, fear & worry. People…See More
19 hours ago
Colleen Bean posted a blog post

How to quit sugar

We all know that one of the best things we can do for our health is to give up sweeteners.Why is it so hard though?Part of it is that sugars are in almost every processed food product on the shelves! It hides under many different names and forms so that it's nearly impossible for us to keep on top of it!Also, studies have shown that it can be more addictive than cocaine!Why is it in the top of our list to reduce and eliminate from our diets?Because sugars have been linked to many diseases…See More
Meagan Roppo commented on Valerie F's blog post Can a Female, Buddhist Domestic Violence Survivor lIke UFC?
"Love this.  "
Valerie F posted a blog post

Fractures in your soul

Heartbreak. Another failure. My heart feels like it’s smashed into a million pieces. All I want in life is to love and be loved and it seems like it’s impossible. I have tried so hard to please people in life and it’s crushing my soul. Two completely different men have shattered me in a way that I’m unsure if I can trust anyone to love again. One with his fist and one with his silence. Fists crack your body immediately but silence is deafening and that slow ache and longing rips you apart…See More
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Career Connection

Need a job? Need to post a job? Have career tips you can share? Want to network? This is your posse. :)See More
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Counting My Blessings

So often our minds are focused on what is WRONG with our lives in stead of all the wonderful, amazing and great things that are going RIGHT for us. This group is for us ladies to list down everything that is going right about our lives so we can be reminded of how abundant we already are. It could be simple things like being in good health, being able to walk, talk and breathe, having shelter, food and a supporting relationship or possessing a certain talent because you do not know how many…See More
Erica Wiederlight posted a blog post

Uh- Oh Not Guilty { #1 Secret to Bust Through Shame}

Hi there cutie,So as you know, I am currently in course-creation-mode. It’s been pretty wild; the project is bonkers! However, at times I find myself wanting to detach from what the project is focused on: guilt and shame. When I don’t feel like honestly taking a look into myself, it can be easy to sit back, relax, smoke my pipe, twirl my imaginary mustache and diagnose everyone around me. When I remember that I need to do the same service for myself, it can give me the heebee jeebees!I’ve been…See More
Veronika commented on Humay Waseem's group Counting My Blessings
"Hi all,I'm very happy to be able to join this group! Being grateful and counting my blessing each day, has changed my life in countless ways. Right now, I'm grateful for the beautiful weather and the carefree time I could spend with my…"
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