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Beth Sutton posted a blog post

The Happiness Routine: Begin Your Day on a Positive

It's amazing the effect that 5-10 minutes practicing gratitude and positive thoughts in a morning can have on your entire day. Mornings set the foundation for your day, begin it feeling negative and you can probably guarantee you will carry these feelings through and spend the whole day attracting negative situations and feeling stressed. Here are five simple…See More
2 hours ago
Christina Lanae Walker commented on Rachel Jessica Huxtable's blog post How Hollywood Changed Me
"Love this, I am currently writing my story in LA and it has been a true self journey!"
9 hours ago
Elaine De Santos replied to Amy Lou's discussion Recommended Books or Blogs in the group Sugar Free Spirit Junkies
"Hi Amy! Ditching sugar is not easy.  I'm a healthy nutty mom and I struggle from time to time. My best resources are from some of my friends and colleges: 21 Day Sugar Detox Sugar Impact Diet Both awesome resources.  I would go…"
14 hours ago
Lindsey posted a blog post

Spiritual Investment- week 2 with my spirit junkie coach

- week 2 spirit junkie coaching with Joanna.What would you pay for freedom & guidance ?I pay $150What flows from that ? Thousands of dollars in worldly termsPriceless in spirit termsThe world says: "fear that , you can't afford it"Spirit says: "invest in people that are investing in you , in return money and gifts will flow with easeWorld: "yeah right "Spirit: "so the inner battle and turmoil every day is getting you somewhere? "World "I want to break through i'm tired of spinning my wheels…See More
17 hours ago
Erika Matos commented on Nicolette's group Blogs and Websites
"LIFE COACHES: Stand Out From The Rest! Join me for a FREE training where I reveal the secret to creating a profitable business that makes your heart sing! When: 3/30/15 (recording too!) Sign Up: bit.ly/SparkTrainingCall"
17 hours ago
Erika Matos commented on Jenny Sansouci's group Career Connection
"LIFE COACHES: Stand Out From The Rest! Join me for a FREE training where I reveal the secret to creating a profitable business that makes your heart sing! When: 3/30/15 (recording too!) Sign…"
17 hours ago
Catarina Catarino commented on Nisha Moodley's group Travel & Retreats
" Hi everyone, In case you, or someone you know, are due for a week of well deserved self care in a glorious scenery, please spread the word! Join me for a week of rejuvenating Pilates in stunning Madeira Island, Portugal, June 19-26,…"
18 hours ago
Stephenie Zamora posted a blog post

It’s Just a Matter of When…

Here’s the truth about your big dreams and visions:It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of when.We’re not gifted with big, sometimes crazy scary dreams and visions unless we have everything we need inside of us to make it happen. Yes, sometimes there are things to learn, experience, fail at, or do before they can happen… but they’re ours to bring to life, and we don’t have to be anyone else, or anywhere other than where we are right now.The thing about this truth that many people don’t…See More
18 hours ago
Victoria Dougherty commented on Jennifer Cain's blog post Movement.
"This is beautiful!!! I can relate to how you felt when you mentioned coming out of your comfort zone and how it impacted your nervous system and sensitive nature! I have recently started shedding my "comfort cocoon" and stepping out of my…"
20 hours ago
Victoria Dougherty posted a blog post

Miracle Signs in Malta

Be the lighthouse...A couple days ago, I asked my guides to show me I am being guided and that their presence is with me. I followed Gabrielle Bernstein’s direction on how to clearly ask your guides for signs. Up until this point, I had certain expectations on what to see and how to feel in order to confirm I was communicating with my guide or that the presence of my guide was with me. My expectations were not being met. The feelings and visions I thought I SHOULD be having were not necessarily…See More
20 hours ago
Diane Worthington commented on Gabrielle Bernstein Inc.'s group Shared Prayers
"Thank you Alissa. I pray for all of us to have a positive weekend and to pay it forward with positivity and love."
20 hours ago
Laurie H commented on Gabrielle Bernstein Inc.'s group Shared Prayers
"Thank you Alissa, That gives me encouragement as I work through my challenges and move closer to God. May we know that spirit has a safe and loving place for us all.  "
20 hours ago


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