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Michigan Ladies!

This is for anyone who is from michigan!
8 hours ago
grigoria vasileiou posted a blog post

A few wreaths...

The road is a long way! But so familiar, as if you got the walk again and again. As if knowing everything in its path. Even every pebble you meet over the course, brings to mind the unforgettable.You look at the ground and stones gathered en masse to form a small hill. From up there the sound takes shape and becomes echo. At the edge of the echo goes back wearing official to recite theatrical words. The same project plays every evening at the same time to the memory of a lost love.A love that…See More
11 hours ago
Stephenie Zamora posted a blog post

When Your Work No Longer Resonates

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of pulling down years of content from my website. Which is hard, because I know that content has helped thousands of people over all the years it’s sat on my blog. I know this because many sweet souls write in to tell me exactly how a blog post or video training has helped them in their life or relationships. And yet I want to pull it all down, simply because that older work no longer resonates anymore… for me.There’s a funny thing that happens as we move…See More
17 hours ago
Laura Probert posted a blog post

When Getting Out of Your Own Way Gets in Your Way - Problems With the Spiritual Path

What happens when you throw sand on the spiritual playground?“Whatever I have problems with is mine. You are just a mirror showing me what I have to look at within me. If I’m frustrated with something you’ve said or done, it’s my issue.” I read this text and thought, what ever happened to good old communication skills? The spiritual teachings I knew well, the ones being thrown back at me in that very moment were…See More
20 hours ago
Elisa Lionne posted a blog post

One World

Hi lovelies!A Course in Miracles teaches that hell is our belief in separation, and heaven is an awareness of our oneness. So our salvation lies in knowing that we are not separate, but that we are one. To the extent to which we know that we are one, simply claiming that ground opens up new possibilities in relationships, both interpersonal and global. Simply knowing that on a level our physical senses can not perceive, we are one, makes it easier to see how…See More
20 hours ago
Sietske Cuhfus posted a blog post

Video #1 Goal Visualization, Sietske's Journey Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

My name is Sietske Cuhfus. I am a 47 year old mom and former freelancer in copywriting and marketing communication living in the Netherlands. About a year ago I came across this affiliate business called Six Figure Mentors. I decided to join because I can see how affiliate marketing, referring products and companies you trust with your personal brand, is the future of business. In September 2015 I quit my freelance business  to focus on my affiliate business, burning my ships behind me. I…See More
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Domestic Violence Recovery

For victims, survivors, counselors, and for those who need resources.National Domestic Hotline: 1-800-799-7233See More
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Spirit Junkie Empaths

This power posse is for HerFuture's empath and highly sensitive women to support and encourage each other to honor and love our unique gift!See More
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Food & Nutrition

Share your nutrition tips, recipes, questions and experiences!See More
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This posse is dedicated to all women on a spiritual journey towards transforming their fears back to love. Members of this posse will be guided through the tools featured in Gabrielle's book SPIRIT JUNKIE, a radical road to self-love and miracles.See More
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~ing Posse

Add More ~ing! is a space for women on the Her Future network to share their own personal stories of how they followed Gabrielle's ~ing equation to achieve happiness.See More
Diana Munoz posted a blog post

How many more stories are we going to make up to victimize women?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk from different angles about feminism. What it is, what is not, who’s in favor or against, if it’s a gender issue, that it isn’t about not loving men, anyway! The questions above arise from a vision of feminism from separateness. We’ve pushed a fight between our feminine and masculine natures, when after all everything that comes to life has both of them. I’ve got a strong conviction that a higher awareness and personal work on reconciling feminine and…See More


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